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Natural Beaded Row Extensions

Experience Natural Beaded Row™  Hair Extensions & Get the Most Natural, Light-Weight & Comfortable Hair You've Ever Had!

100% unique approach

Danielle White created the Natural Beaded Rows™ hair extension method out of her desire to provide women with a solution that offers healthier, easier to manage hair extensions while creating luxurious, beautiful locks. This 100% unique approach birthed from her years of experience and research to create the best hair extension solution on the market today.

Healthier hair extension solution

Do you want luxurious, beautiful hair extensions with minimum damage? Then NBR extensions are the solution for you. NBR's have limited points of contact with your actual hair. The less areas attached to the head, the less damage. Most full head installations are done with only 20-25 beads attached to the hair. There is no glue or tape, so the removal process only takes 5 minutes. NBR is done with beads and a string with multiple pieces of hair tied to the row, creating more fullness without the damage.

Natural look and feel

NBR hair extensions feel and look natural. Each application is customized with a color and cut that is right for you. Not only are NBR hair extensions light weight and comfortable, but they are easily hidden when you wear your hair up. This is the top hair extension method on the market. NBR's are comfortable, hide better in your hair, and won't slip out.

Ready when you are.

I'm excited you wanted to learn more about NBR's. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to call me!

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Our frequently asked questions.

Does the NBR consultation have to be done in person?

No, most consultations are done over the phone after we have recieved recent images of your hair. The NBR consultation is a way for me to answer any questions you have about the NBR process before we schedule your application appointment. This is also a time for me to understand your desires for your hair so that I can begin the customization process that’s perfect for you.

How long do the Natural Beaded Row extensions last?

How long the Natural Beaded Row extensions last depends on the rate of your hair growth and your lifestyle. The first hair tightening service after the initial application happens after six weeks. I schedule this appointment at six weeks to ensure that the extension home care plan is going well. At this appointment, we can determine if you should be scheduled for tightenings at six or eight weeks going forward. This will be dependent on your hair growth rate.

Do I need to buy new hair at every hair extension tightening?

No! If you take care of the natural beaded row extension hair, it usually lasts four to six months. At each tightening service, the extension rows are removed, treated, custom colored and replaced. You may choose to add additional hair at your tightening appointments. Prices start at $85 per additional hair weft and may vary based on the length of the extensions and hair color.

Can I swim with Natural Beaded Row hair extensions?

Yes! Natural Beaded Row hair extensions are the perfect option for clients with a busy and active lifestyle. NBRs hide well in the hair and can be pulled up for workouts or tucked under a swim cap. For more information on swim care for NBR hair extensions watch this video.

Why do you only offer Natural Beaded Row hair extensions when you are certified in four different extension techniques?

The NBR hair extension method is the #1 hair extension method I have worked with. It offers many benefits including less damage, hides well, customizable, and quick removal. Watch this video to learn more about why NBR is my preferred hair extension method.

Do you wear Natural Beaded Row hair extensions?

Yes! I LOVE the way I look and feel with NBR hair extensions. They are lightweight, versatile, and offer the luxurious volume I crave. Of all the hair extension techniques I have worn, NBR is by far the best quality and experience.

What does it mean that you are a certified NBR stylist?

I am Colorado’s first certified Natural Beaded Row (NBR) stylist. In order to be certified, I was required to attend training in Laguna Beach, California with the creator of Natural Beaded Rows, Danielle White. In addition to my certification training, I hve been a part of DKW Styling’s BMS weekly training. At the beginning of 2019 Madison and I were invited to be 2 of the 250 certified stylist to continue training with the BMS, and to continue to train to become one of the first LICENSED NBR artists. We are both honored and excited to continue to be a part of this continuing education, and we believe ongoing training and practice is critical to ensure our clients receive the best service available.

Check out my YouTube Channel for more information on NBR hair extensions or Apply Here for your FREE NBR hair extension consultation.

I've heard you mention adding a mini-row hair extension. What is a mini-row?

A mini-row is simply a third row of NBR hair extensions. I begin adding rows from the bottom or nape of your neck up toward the top or crown of your head. Since the crown is smaller and more visible than the nape and more difficult to hide the extensions, a mini-row may be needed.

The row is attached the same way as the other rows; however, it may have less extension hair so that it hides well at the top of your head.

Can Natural Beaded Rows Be Worn Straight?

Absolutley! At Moore Colour we are a little obsessed with beach waves, but Natural Beaded Rows can definitely be worn straight.

Do I wear Natural Beaded Rows?

Yes, I have been wearing them for over 2 years.

What are Natural Beaded Row Extensions?

Natural Beaded Rows also known as NBR’s are hair extensions with limitless points of contact, no glue and no tape.

How to install natural beaded rows?

I section the hair, create a track using beads and string, pin hair to the track, and sew it on. Most clients wear anywhere from 1-3 rows.

Is your hair breaking from this dry Colorado climate, and hair color that has been overlapped way too much?

Sometimes it’s all those little things that add up to cause the breakage.Out here in CO we are constantly fighting the dry air, and the heaters going on is only hurting our fight for moisture. Currently I am having my clients switch their at home care to products with even more moisture.

Can I safely wash my hair with NBR's?

Yes, we use sting to sew the wefts to the track. This is comfortable and means you can shampoo and condition your hair right up to the scalp. No need to worry about anything slipping or breaking. You can get into your scalp when shampooing and make sure your scalp is clean.

Do you have hair that stops growing once it gets to a certain length?

You might already have Beautiful hair, but it hits a point shortly after your shoulders and stops getting any longer. This can be so frustrating when all you want is just a bit more length. I hear this all the time. And I can help create that longer look!

Are NBR's just for women with short hair who want longer hair?

No! They are for women who want thick hair or medium length hair or yes for women who want long beautiful locks! But NBRs are for anyone and everyone who wants them!

Can NBR's be worn in a ponytail?

Yes! In fact 9 times of of 10 that is how you will catch me wearing mine. When I am working I like may hair pulled back, when I am jumping from one thing to another with my kiddos it usually ends up, and let’s just say if I get a wild hair and decide to go running guess how I wear my NBR’s? You got it, in a ponytail.

What is ISLA hair?

Cuticle is in tact. It is Hand tied. Less silicone creating a more natural and fuller appearanceMore grams per weft creating a fuller look, but less bulk per row.

Color is pre-rooted and pre-tones, but stylists can customize even more with color.Every strand, weft, and tip is hand-crafted by experts.  The manufacturer hires hair experts to hand select premium bundles of hair , leading them through a careful process of sorting, cleaning, coloring, and conditioning that takes weeks to complete.

The hair is ethically sourced from China and India.

Can you wear NBR's Straight?

ABSOLUTELY!!! I find curling hair so therapeutic personally, so my client’s usually walk out the door wearing curls, but you can definitely wear Natural Beaded Rows Straight

How soon do I need to come in for a hair extension tightening service?

Usually client's need to be tightened every 6-8 weeks. As your natural hair grows your extensions will loosen as well.  In addition to the extensions loosening the average person sheds 100 hairs per day.  As your hair sheds your extension’s point of contact with your natural hair may weaken as well.  Tightening appointments ensure your natural hair is not being stressed due to the weight of your hair extensions.   Extension artist often make sure the new points of contact with your natural hair are different each time to help reducing any stress on your natural hair.  I do have some clients who want their rows in exactly the same spot each time, and even in this situation I try to shift where I place their beads as the health of my clients hair is my priority.

How long does a hair extension tightening service last?

A tightening service consists of removing your rows, and reinstalling them.  This service is much shorter than the initial install because the rows have already been customized, and are sewn together.   After being reinstalled your natural hair or extension hair may need to be reshaped a bit, but usually not much at all.  Color is also a variable at these appointments. Some client’s have their hair colored at every appointment, and some clients do not receive color.

How often should you wash your NBR's?

I recommend washing your NBR’s at least once a week to remove any dirt from your hair and wefts.  You can wash them whenever you want.

How do I sleep in NBR's?

Brush you hair before bed to remove any knots. Make sure your hair is 100% dry.  This will help prevent knotting and matting. Add a few drops of u oil to your extension hair. Loosely braid your hair.

How does sunscreen affect hair extensions?

Dyed blonde hair or blonde hair extensions are particularly susceptible to discoloration; turning pink or orange in patches at the ends of their hair. Those with darker locks, may notice a slight change in color, but the effect is much more noticeable on blonde hair which has been subject to more processing.

What is in sunscreen that causes the hair to discolor?

1) Avebenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) which is an oil-soluble ingredient used in sunscreen products to absorb the full spectrum of UVA rays.

2) Octocrylene, which is added as a stabilizer as the Avebenzone degrades in light. Together they are found in differing quantities in sun protections.

What is the science behind it all?

Essentially the color change is as a result of a chemical reaction. When the sunscreen is absorbed into the hair and exposed to the UV light, it causes the cells to break down in a process known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). The cells break down and seek out electron particles to form a new cell structure. When the hair is rinsed in water, from showers and pools, then the electron particles in the minerals in the water such as Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium and Silica, attach to the hair cells creating a reaction.

Can you go swimming with Natural Beaded Row hair extensions?

If you go to the pool or beach, the first option is pinning your hair up in a top-knot and not allowing it to get wet. If you love to go swimming, completely saturate your hair with shower/tap water and apply a leave-in conditioner before getting into the pool, ocean, or lake.Not only does this protect your hair from absorbing the water, but it also helps prevent tangling and matting that can occur more easily when exposed to chlorinated or salt waters. After swimming, wash your hair thoroughly with a color-safe clarifying shampoo, then reapply your leave-in conditioner. Take time to comb out completely to ensure no tangles or matting.

How do I protect my hair extensions from heat & water?

While hot-tubs/jacuzzis can be used year-round, we thought we’d include them on this list as they often come along with summer vacays. Whenever using a hot-tub or jacuzzi, always have your hair pinned up or braided to prevent tangling. Prolonged exposure to humidity can shorten the life of your hair extensions.

Overall, summer life does not tend to lend itself particularly well to hair extensions, which have the ability to tangle more easily than natural hair and require a little extra TLC when exposed to the summertime elements.

To protect your beauty investment, we recommend following these tips and tricks, continuing to use high-quality hair products, and taking the time to completely brush out your extensions twice a day. This will ensure that you avoid tangles which can turn into mats, and can subsequently shorten the life of your extensions. If you need more guidance on caring for your hair extensions during the summertime, give us a call and we’ll talk you through it! It's due to the iron oxide in hard water and hotel boiler and water filtration systems. This sits in the hair, then when the hair comes in contact with chlorine or salts cause the iron to oxidize. Sometimes the orange/pink tone can be removed by soaking the hair in lemon juice for between 10 mins to an hour, this works more often than not. A few of my clients tried the lemon juice and it did work but it made the hair feel a little dry.

What causes hair extensions to change color?

It's simple, blonde hair extensions turn orange due to the way in which they are colored.In order to achieve the beautiful shades of blonde we have become accustomed to, violet and ash pigments are required to neutralize any warmth in hair that is colored from dark to light, this is what gives blonde hair its beautiful neutral tone.  If hair is dyed blonde, and no violet or ash pigments are applied, depending on the original color of the hair, the color will look much warmer, brassy is the term blondes like to call this effect.

Now this is where it gets a little tricky.  Blonde hair becoming brassy is common place in the blonde community, and light brown/blonde hair extensions turning orange is the same issue, its just that many fail to make the connection between the 2 processes.The reason blonde hair extensions can turn this unsightly shade of orange, is because the violet and ash pigments have been lifted away from the hair, exposing the warmer pigment underneath.

What causes hair extensions to change color?

Hair extensions that have turned from blonde to orange have simply suffered the result of violet/ash pigment stripping away from the hair, exposing the natural pigment underneath, therefore you can breathe a sign of relief in knowing your hair extensions are not faulty, and that you are not alone.

In the majority of cases hair extension discoloration is easily fixed, you just need to reapply those ash/violet pigments.  Consult your local hairdresser to explain what has occurred, and he/she should be able to guide you through the processes of reintroducing violet/ash pigments to the hair to tone the color, and eliminate the orangey/brassy color you are experiencing.

How do I repair hair extension dryness with pre-shampoo?

If your hair extensions have turned pink or orange, then they are also more than likely feeling incredibly dry.  This is a common side effect with discoloration, as not only have the violet pigments been stripped away, but so have the oils that keep the hair nourished.  If your hair extensions are feeling brittle, our hair extensions hair mask (Hairapeutix) is designed to give your hair a moisture injection, allowing you to enjoy silky soft hair extensions once again.Our Mini pre-shampoo treatment has been designed to give your hair extensions the nourishment they are craving over the course of a week, or our Ultra pre-shampoo treatment contains a months worth of treatment to ensure you can prevent hair extension dryness reoccurring.

What do I replace my Wefts?

Over time all hair extensions experience some “wear and tear” and eventually your extension hair will need to be replaced.  Many factors contribute to when your hair will need to be replaced, so the time frame is unique for each individual.  Your at home care, life style, and personal feelings will contribute to determining when it is time for you to purchase new hair. As an NBR stylist I have been trained to recommend new wefts around 4-6 months from when the wefts were installed, but again this timing is unique for each individual.