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Experience Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions & Get the Most Natural, Light-Weight & Comfortable Hair You've Ever Had!

100% unique approach

Danielle White created the Natural Beaded Rows™ hair extension method out of her desire to provide women with a solution that offers healthier, easier to manage hair extensions while creating luxurious, beautiful locks. This 100% unique approach birthed from her years of experience and research to create the best hair extension solution on the market today.

Healthier hair extension solution

Do you want luxurious, beautiful hair extensions with minimum damage? Then NBR extensions are the solution for you. NBR's have limited points of contact with your actual hair. The less areas attached to the head, the less damage. Most full head installations are done with only 20-25 beads attached to the hair. There is no glue or tape, so the removal process only takes 5 minutes. NBR is done with beads and a string with multiple pieces of hair tied to the row, creating more fullness without the damage.

Natural look and feel

NBR hair extensions feel and look natural. Each application is customized with a color and cut that is right for you. Not only are NBR hair extensions light weight and comfortable, but they are easily hidden when you wear your hair up. This is the top hair extension method on the market. NBR's are comfortable, hide better in your hair, and won't slip out.

Ready when you are.

I'm excited you wanted to learn more about NBR's. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to call me!

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Our frequently asked questions.

Does the NBR consultation have to be done in person?

No, most consultations are done over the phone after we have recieved recent images of your hair. The NBR consultation is a way for me to answer any questions you have about the NBR process before we schedule your application appointment. This is also a time for me to understand your desires for your hair so that I can begin the customization process that’s perfect for you.

How long do the NBR extensions last?

How long the NBR extensions last depends on the rate of your hair growth and your lifestyle. The first tightening service after the initial application happens after six weeks. I schedule this appointment at six weeks to ensure that the extension home care plan is going well. At this appointment we can determine if you should be scheduled for tightenings at six or eight weeks going forward. This will be dependent on your hair growth rate.

Do I need to buy new hair at every tightening?

No! If you take care of the extension hair, it usually last four to six months. At each tightening service, the extension rows are removed, treated, custom colored and replaced. You may choose to add additional hair at your tightening appointments. Prices start at $85 per additional weft and may vary based on the lengeth of the extensions and hair color.

Can I swim with NBR hair extensions?

Yes! NBR hair extensions are the perfect option for clients with a busy and active lifestyle. NBRs hide well in the hair and can be pulled up for workouts or tucked under a swim cap. For more information on swim care for NBR hair extensions watch this video.

Why do you only offer NBR extensions when you are certified in four different extension techniques?

The NBR hair extension method is the #1 hair extension method I have worked with. It offers many benefits including less damage, hides well, customizable, and quick removal. Watch this video to learn more about why NBR is my preferred hair extension method.

Do you wear NBR hair extensions?

Yes! I LOVE the way I look and feel with NBR hair extensions. They are lightweight, versatile, and offer the luxurious volume I crave. Of all the hair extension techniques I have worn, NBR is by far the best quality and experience.

What does it mean that you are a certified NBR stylist?

I am Colorado’s first certified NBR stylist. In order to be certified, I was required to attend training in Laguna Beach, California with the creator of Natural Beaded Rows, Danielle White. In addition to my certification training, I hve been a part of DKW Styling’s BMS weekly training. At the beginning of 2019 Madison and I were invited to be 2 of the 250 certified stylist to continue training with the BMS, and to continue to train to become one of the first LICENSED NBR artists. We are both honored and excited to continue to be a part of this continuing education, and we believe ongoing training and practice is critical to ensure our clients receive the best service available.

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I've heard you mention adding a mini-row. What is a mini-row?

A mini-row is simply a third row of NBR hair extensions. I begin adding rows from the bottom or nape of your neck up toward the top or crown of your head. Since the crown is smaller and more visible than the nape and more difficult to hide the extensions, a mini-row may be needed.

The row is attached the same way as the other rows; however, it may have less extension hair so that it hides well at the top of your head.

Can Natural Beaded Rows Be Worn Straight?

Absolutley! At Moore Colour we are a little obsessed with beach waves, but Natural Beaded Rows can definitely be worn straight.