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Natural Beaded Row Extensions (NBR)

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What are NBR’s? Or is it Natural Beaded Rows? Wait, is it DKW? You know those extensions on the Internet? Are you confused like I was when first learning about these hair extensions? Don’t worry, below I will give you the low down.

Natural Beaded Rows also known as NBR’s is an extension method using beads, string, and hand tied wefts. Danielle White is the creator of Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions. Danielle’s salon is called DKW Styling and is located in Laguna Beach, California. She created NBR’s out of her frustration with every other extension method on the market. She has a contagious passion for NBR and the cosmetology industry that has lead her into a movement of educating stylists in NBR’s through the DKW Styling Academy.

I became certified in Natural Beaded Rows in early 2017, and have been a part of Danielle’s continuing education program since. This continuing education is something Danielle requires if stylist’s are using NBR’s in their salon. Danielle is passionate about protecting her brand and ensuring artist’s sharing the NBR method with the public are up to date in their training and preform the service to meet the NBR standard. Quality is something you will notice Danielle prioritizes highly in anything she does.

As a small business owner I enjoy connecting with like minded artist all over the country weekly to continue to grow my skills. In addition to weekly training I have returned to Laguna Beach, CA multiple times since 2017 to improve my NBR skills, and this March will be flying out to Garnish Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina to train with one of the lead NBR Trainers Candice Motely. It is fair to say I am OBSESSED with hair as you will often find me in my salon.

So, if you are still curious about Natural Beaded Rows and how they are installed I have broken down the method below with pictures to help you understand the method.


With the way NBR's are placed in your hair, you no longer need to worry about your extensions being exposed when the wind blows. The placement and color is done in a way to conceal all evidence of having extensions. No one will know you have extensions unless you choose to tell them. Each section is uniquely carved by an NBR stylist based on the client’s head shape, hair density, and color. Below is an example of a section carved out to place a row.


NBR artist’s carve anywhere from 1-3 sections on your scalp. They then use beads and string to create a “track” on your scalp (it looks like and upside down handband). This track is unique as it is strategically placed for each individual, has minimal points of contact with your natural hair, and does not require the use of any glue or tape.


Multiple different shades of ISLA Hand tied wefts are then placed on the track to blend with your hair. It is common for an NBR artist to custom color wefts to create a seamless blend with your hair color. These wefts are then sewn to the track on your scalp.

Are you curious what ISLA hand tied wefts are? In 2019 Danielle launched her own line of hand tied wefts called Isla. Hand tied wefts are made by hand to create a very small seam at the top of the weft. This involves meticulous work, but creates a seam much smaller than the seams of machine tied wefts. When placing up to 6 wefts on a row the size of the weft seam is important to conceal the extensions. Below is an example of a hand tied seam versus a machine tied seam.

Climate is one of the many factors to consider when getting hair extensions and the type of extension hair to use. Isla hand tied wefts preform amazingly well here in Colorado with our dry climate. To learn more about Isla wefts click here (add link to Isla website)

After the necessary amount of rows and wefts have been installed NBR Artist’s cut into the wefts to blend your NBR’s with your hair to create a seamless look.

As an extension artist I fell in love with this method as it allows me to expand my ability to create desired looks for clients, and gives me more creative freedom as an artist. I found myself able to push boundaries I could not with other methods. The placement of this method, and the type of hair used creates looks I could not achieve with other methods. To learn more details about why I solely offer this extension method when I am certified in other extension methods you can go to my You Tube channel XYZ and watch my video(ADD link to video).

I love NBR extensions so much that I have them in my hair. As a business owner and mother of three, I am able to maintain my busy lifestyle while also sporting great hair. I can pull it up for a visit to the gym or to run to school drop-off without thinking about my extensions. Since wearing NBR's I have had much better hair days, and believe me I feel like I can conquer ANYTHING when I am having a good hair day!

So, that is the low down on what Natural Beaded Rows are. To continue to learn everything there is about Natural Beaded Rows

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If you are curious about NBR, I would love to discuss this #1 hair extension method with you. You too can have beautiful, natural-looking, luxurious hair.

If you are interested in learning more about NBRs, extensions that look and feel natural, fill out this form to book a consultation or appointment!

Natural Beaded Row Extensions (NBR)
March 13, 2020
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist