Monday, January 22, 2018

The Many Reasons My Clients Choose NBR Hair Extensions

As you know, I believe Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions are the #1 hair extension method available. I am passionate about the quality of this method and the customization available to meet the needs of my clients.

NBR hair extensions are not only for women looking for long luxurious hair, although they are perfect for that. This extension method is a solution for the many different reasons women want hair extensions.

Also, you do not need to feel ANY judgement for why you want hair extensions. Hair extensions are fun, give added confidence and empower you to look and feel the way you desire. There is no justification needed!

Here are a few of the many reasons my clients choose NBR hair extensions.

To Look and Feel Pretty

It is okay to buy and use products that make you feel pretty. I am a tall girl. For me, the added length with NBR hair extensions makes me feel pretty and confident. The hair extensions balance out my height and make me feel pulled together even on busy morning of getting three kids ready for their day.

I like the way I feel with NBR hair extensions. Because these extensions hide so well in my hair, I can easily pull my hair up in a top-knot or ponytail. I find that having the extensions actually saves me time in my morning routine.

Because Hair Won't Grow

For some women, growing hair is difficult. Danielle White, the creator of Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions, shared in her pilot podcast that she ventured into hair extensions because her hair was toddler-like.

It can be very frustrating to have fine hair that breaks easily. NBR hair extensions offer a solution. The brilliant thing about this method is that the minimal points of contact with your natural hair reduces damage. And if you are already struggling to grow your hair, you do not want to add damage to your hair.

Because Life is Busy

Some women experience very busy mornings rushing to get out the door. Wearing Natural Beaded Rows makes them feel better about their hair. NBR also actually saves them time when it comes to styling their hair, saving them precious minutes in the morning.

Later this year I will be sharing one of my clients stories about wearing Natural Beaded Rows while having two children under the age of two.

Because of Thin Hair

Some women can grow their hair to a longer length, but their hair is thin. Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions add density to your hair. The extension hair is custom colored and cut to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. The extension hair will work with your natural hair to add thickness.

You do not have to have waist length hair with NBR hair extensions. Your hair can be cut to the length you want, but the extensions will fill out the volume of your hair to give you the fullness you desire.

Because of Hair Loss

Women may experience hair loss at different points in their lives. This may be due to stress, childbirth or aging. I always suggest that my clients meet with their doctor to discuss the hair loss before we move forward with the extensions.

However, NBR hair extensions are a great solution to fill in the loss of hair. I find that especially for women who had fuller hair before the hair loss, NBR hair extensions help make them feel confident again.

To Stop Nervous Picking and Twisting

Trichotillomania is a condition often caused by stress and anxiety where a person has an irresistible urge to pull out their hair. While most people do not have this level of an issue, I do see clients that struggle with nervous picking or twisting which causes damage to their hair.

I have found that when a client invests in NBR hair extensions, they are more conscience about picking and twisting their hair. The investment in beautiful, quality hair extensions often leads to changes in behavior.

The reasons my clients choose NBR hair extensions are diverse.

I have tried many different hair extension methods over my career, and the NBR hair extension method is the BEST. I love the way I look and feel with my extensions.

Contact me today with questions about NBR hair extensions, or fill out my online application to get started today.

The Many Reasons My Clients Choose NBR Hair Extensions
January 22, 2018
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist