Tuesday, January 2, 2018
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2018 Hair Goals!

Happy New Year! What are your hair goals for 2018? Do you dream of luxurious, long hair? Are you ready to step up to salon quality styling products? Don't delay. 2018 is the year to have the hair of your dreams!

2018 Hair Goals

NBR Hair Extensions

My big discovery for 2017 was Danielle White's Natural Beaded Rows hair extension method. I LOVE NBR! This method is truly the #1 hair extension secret. I am Colorado's first certified NBR stylist.

NBR hair extensions offer many solutions. If you want longer more luxurious hair, NBR is for you. If you have long hair but want more volume, NBR is for you too. A few advantages to NBR hair extensions are the way they hide easily in your hair, the quick and easy removal process, and the quality of the extension hair.

Salon Quality Products

Another big change for Moore Colour in 2017 was the addition of the Unite product line. After wearing NBR hair extensions, I quickly learned about the top quality of Unite's U Argan Oil.

I recommend the Seven Seconds Unite products and U Argan Oil to all of my NBR clients. Salon quality products use top ingredients. I find when I use better quality hair styling products, I do not need to wash and style my hair as frequently. This saves damage to my hair from over styling. Add salon quality products like the Unite line to your styling routine in 2018.

Healthy Hair

2018 is the perfect year to focus on keeping your hair healthy. Here in Colorado, the weather makes keeping hair healthy a challenge. The climate is extremely dry which can lead to damaged hair. In the winter, the cold and dry weather requires additional care for your hair. Check out our information on how to protect your hair in the winter.

No matter where you live, summer can wreak havoc on the health of your hair. Be prepared this year before summer starts with a hair care plan. Check out our guide to managing your hair in the summer months.

Great Salon Experience

Treat yourself this year to a relaxing salon experience. Moore Colour is a boutique salon designed to help you relax and feel pampered.

When it is time to have your hair styled, choose a salon and stylist that is well trained and makes you feel comfortable. You want to trust in your stylist's ability to make your hair look great. You also want to feel cared for and rejuvinated.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to set goals and make changes. Make 2018 a year where you take the time for self-care. Treat yourself to great hair.

Contact Moore Colour today to get started on your 2018 hair goals.

2018 Hair Goals!
January 2, 2018
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist