Thursday, February 1, 2024
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Preparing for Your Special Day: Hair Extensions for Colorado Brides

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

At Light Styling a boutique salon in Longmont, CO only offering hair extension services, we're thrilled for this incredible moment in your life. Shannon Reiley, the owner of Light Styling, understands the importance of looking and feeling your best on your wedding day. That's why we recommend planning ahead when it comes to your hair extensions.

For brides considering hair extensions for their wedding, we recommend scheduling a consultation and the initial installation months before your big day is a game-changer if possible. While weddings are undoubtedly exciting, the months leading up to them can become overwhelming with various arrangements and family matters. Our goal at Light Styling is to alleviate stress, not add to it.

Why start early?

By getting your hair extensions installed in advance, you'll have ample time to adjust to your new look. It's not just about having voluminous hair; it's about feeling comfortable and confident with it. Learning to style and maintain your extended locks without the added pressure of looming deadlines is key. We want you to feel completely at ease with your hair, ensuring it's exactly how you envision it for your special day.

At Light Styling, we specialize in customizing your hair extensions to match your natural hair color flawlessly. We understand the importance of harmony between your natural hair and extensions, ensuring a seamless and stunning look on your wedding day.

For brides-to-be in Colorado considering hair extensions, planning ahead with Light Styling offers the peace of mind and the perfect hair you've always dreamed of for your wedding. Our team is here to make your wedding hair goals a beautiful reality.

Contact Light Styling today to schedule your consultation and begin your journey towards flawless, stunning hair for your special day.

Preparing for Your Special Day: Hair Extensions for Colorado Brides
February 1, 2024
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist