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What you need to know about weft hair extensions


Last year Danielle White the creator of Natural Beaded Rows launched her own line of hand-tied wefts called ISLA. There are many brands of hand-tied wefts available on the market. For more on ISLA wefts check out theblog post all about NBRs.

Hand-tied wefts are ideal and the only type of weft I use for Natural Beaded Rows (vs. machine tied wefts which are much bulkier). Hand-tied wefts have really thin seams and 3-6 wefts can be sewn onto one row without feeling like you have a “speed bump” on your head. Even though the seams are thin, the ISLA line (explained further below) still holds more strands of hair per weft!


I want to commend Danielle on the Isla wefts as she knocked it out of the park with this brand of hair. These wefts are beautiful, they come in many beautiful shades meaning as an artist I am not having to chemically manipulate the color as much which means the cuticle of the wefts are not being opened and closed as much which can lead to the hair drying out faster or feeling less smooth, knotting and matting are not as intense as other brands, and overall the wefts are lasting much longer than other brands of hair I have worked with.

With wefts that last longer this means client’s typically are not having to replace their hair quite as often which ultimately means client’s are saving money when it comes to supplies needed for their extensions.

I should also mention that the ISLA wefts work so well in our extremely dry climate here in Colorado because it doesn’t dry out like other hair lines I’ve worked with in the past.


Over time all hair extensions experience some “wear and tear” and eventually your extension hair will need to be replaced. As an NBR stylist I have been trained to recommend new wefts around 4-6 months from when the wefts were installed, but again this timing is unique for each individual.

That being said, I have been working with ISLA since they came out and many factors can make them last even longer. Your at home care, life style, and personal opinion will contribute to determining when it is time for you to purchase new hair.

Some of the factors in how well your hair holds up include:

  • If you are extremely active and you’re sweating and you wash your hair every day they may not last as long as someone who doesn't wash their hair every day.
  • Brushing your hair aggressively will also contribute to a shorter life span. A better option is to start at the bottom of your hair and gently work brushing up to the seams. The photo below shows an actual example of weft damage which causes having to replace the hair altogether sooner than if it were properly cared for.
  • Shedding occurs making the wefts thin out, hair is pulled at the seam, and too much of that can cause matting near your scalp.
  • Other factors of hair replacement is how the client feels about the condition of their hair over time, if it is still maintaining a curl or the style that the client desires.

*Watch my video linked below to learn more about this and see actual examples*

These are all reasons why I work with each client and have thorough consultations to understand how your hair extensions are feeling, how they are curling and styling and how you feel in general about the condition of them during our appointments. This helps us determine together if/when they will need to be replaced.

Personally, I take such good care of my wefts I never see bubbling and they tend to last longer. Next time I take them out, I will show them in a follow-up video. When I do choose to replace them it is because they just get old, they don’t hold a curl as well over time or I just want to switch up my hair color!

In all, plan to replace your hair every 4-6 months… however I have had clients wear the same hair for as long as 12 months with the proper care! I hope this information has helped educate you on hand-tied wefts, their longevity and how to make them last longer in general!

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What you need to know about weft hair extensions
October 10, 2020
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist