Thursday, May 7, 2020

Who wears Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions?

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Hair extensions are worn and loved for many reasons including lifestyle, hair loss in women, hair color updates, and life changes to name a few.

Are you a good candidate for Natural Beaded Rows? Over the years I have learned that women seek out Natural Beaded Rows for many different reasons. I am sharing this post to help you understand why women seek hair extension services, and to support the potential reasons why you might be interested in Natural Beaded Rows.

Personally I have what most would consider a decent amount of hair. My hair can grow past my shoulders, and has a slightly wavy to curly texture (think Jesus). My hair used to be an insecurity of mine, as I could never really get it to look the way I wanted. It was long, but my ends looked weak and see through. I purchased high end salon products, used quality tools, and frequented my stylist regularly to keep my ends free from splitting. Still, my hair was not something I was thrilled about.

What I did not realize was what I really wanted was more hair. After having Natural Beaded Rows installed I got to experience having the hair I have always wanted. I no longer really cared about having highlights right to the root or going lighter and lighter with my color. I actually slowly went back to my natural color as a brunette, and as a result pieces my hair around my face began to grow. It is normal for me to have to trim my bangs these days. I became happier with the way my hair looked. I also noticed I was happier with my clothing and overall appearance. I felt more comfortable in my skin and my confidence rose. It may sound silly, but the impact it had on me was so much more than just long, beautiful hair. I always tell my client’s women have a ripple effect on those around them. If you feel amazing your energy will ripple out to those around you helping to raise everyone's vibration. Everyone benefits when you feel good.

Above is a part of my hair story, and working at Moore Colour I have learned the various reasons why other woman have sought out Natural Beaded Rows for themselves. Whether your story is similar to mine, listed below, or something I have not heard of yet... I want you to know there is no judgement at Moore Colour to the reason. I admire women who go after what they desire in life to portray the person they are inside. I believe life is short, so live it exactly the way you want.

I have narrowed my client’s reasons for wearing Natural Beaded Rows into 3 categories: Health, Personal, and Lifestyle. I am providing actual examples below with a list of reasons that my clients have shared with me. It is so much more than just wanting long, beautiful hair, and it is too powerful not to share!


Women have visited Moore Colour for Natural Beaded Row services for various health reasons. I have seen hair loss due to:

  • Trichotillomania and traction alopecia (chronic habitual disorders characterized by repetitive pulling of hair that results in alopecia)
  • Thyroid or Hormonal imbalances
  • Postpartum Hairloss
  • Side effects due to birth control medications
  • Allergies
  • Side effects of stomach bypass surgery
  • Thinning of hair due to aging.
  • Body Dysphoria
  • Depression- one of my favorite client’s experienced losing a child. As you can imagine this trauma set her into a deep depression. As she worked on regaining her strength for life she came to Moore Colour to help boost the way she felt about herself. She left with a full head of NBR’s, and has forever left an impact on my soul.

Personal Reasons

  • Natural hair will not grow past a certain length.
  • Already have long hair, but the ends are see through
  • Hair has been over processed by color services, and feels like it no longer grows.
  • To balance out the look of their body frame (I personally became more comfortable in my 6’1 frame as a female having longer and fuller hair)
  • Wanting "Pinterest Hair"
  • Already has gorgeous hair, but why not have more
  • Experienced wearing other extension methods that were either uncomfortable or damaged their natural hair

Life Events and Lifestyle

  • Divorce
  • Abusive relationships
  • Huge life move, and starting a new Chapter in their life
  • Wedding / Bridal Hair
  • Save time- Yes! My clients have expressed wearing Natural Beaded Rows help them save time during their daily and weekly routines! Look out for my future blog about a mother with 3 children all under the age of 3 who claims wearing NBR’s saves her time.
  • An investment in yourself or reaching your highest self
  • To reflect the person you have become

The reasons have varied from client to client, and how they are labeled by our society. Whether they are stay at home moms, bloggers, working in the work force, or performers, Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions have been sought after and worn for various different reasons. I have seen first hand the impact this service has had on women bringing them to tears of joy as they see their reflection in the mirror. Below I have attached one of my Instagram Posts from the past which shares one of the many stories I have heard at Moore Colour. No mater what the reason, I am honored to work with my clients and learn their reasons for wearing Natural Beaded Rows. It is personal and private for everyone, but I hope this blog post has helped you learn some of the reasons women wear Natural Beaded Rows. If you feel NBR’s might enhance your life, CLICK HERE to begin your NBR hair extension journey with me.

A True Experience:

One of my clients recently came in for her first tightening appointment, and what she shared touched my heart.

She shared at her initial installation she was in a dark place. For those of you who have been there you know darkness is scary, and a place you desperately want to get away from, but sometimes it simply feels too hard. Over the last year as I went through my divorce I too experienced darkness that at times felt unbearable. Thank God for my kids, and the loved ones around me who worked daily to help keep my spirit in a place where I could try to push forward.

The client shared after receiving her install life for her took a turn for the better. When she looked in the mirror she felt prettier, happier with herself, and more confident sharing her authentic self. She began attracting people on a higher vibration level, and lifted herself out of the terrifying darkness. As she told me about her last few weeks my body got goosebumps all over. My client credited her NBR’s for this, but after getting to know her better I get the sense she had this ability to rise all along, her NBR’s were just a tool to help her true self shine.

This is exactly WHY I do what I do. Hair extensions can impact you so much more than just having long hair, they can empower women to be better versions of themselves. I know this personally, and I hear it from my clients in the salon. I am honored to play a small part in another woman’s personal growth. I always say we(women) are MUCH stronger when we stick together.

If you need a pick me up, want to make a change, and or are ready to try something new and you want it to be Natural Beaded Rows Click here, I promise you will experience more than just a full head of hair. 😉

To learn more about the amazing method of these hair extensions (no glue, no tape-in extensions, using natural human hair, etc), I can't wait to chat with you!

If you are interested in learning more about NBRs, extensions that look and feel natural, fill out this form to book a consultation or appointment!

Who wears Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions?
May 7, 2020
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist