Friday, August 13, 2021
Hair Tips

Love Your Hair, Love Yourself

Feeling good about how you look on the outside can have a significant impact on how you feel on the inside, which is ultimately what matters most. Many think that getting things done like nails, makeup, hair, etc. is to impress others when in reality, it should be about you and only YOU.  Changing your hair should boost confidence, sexiness, and make you not only look beautiful but feel beautiful. Light Styling is an NBR extension-focused salon that promotes female empowerment and is here to help you look and feel like the badass you are meant to be.

Now let’s talk about hair extensions and what they can do for you! Have you ever dreamed about having that long, luscious, mermaid hair? Whether your hair is thinning or you’ve been trying to grow it out for what seems like forever, getting Natural Beaded Row (NBR) extensions at Light Styling allows you to have the hair of your dreams. These hair extensions are unlike any other on the market, with the least amount of points of contact to the head, creating minimal to no damage to the natural hair. The extension process is unique as hand tied wefts  are installed with a bead and string technique, which creates a “track”. Once attached to the head, the extensions can be cut and colored to achieve the desired look. Then voila!  Look good and feel like the girl on fire. Your hair is the crown you never take off, so make sure you love it!

Hundreds of women’s lives have been transformed by NBR extensions, walking out of Light Styling salon with more confidence than ever before. Are you ready to look and feel your best? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Remember ladies: love your hair, love yourself.

Love Your Hair, Love Yourself
August 13, 2021
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist