Friday, January 12, 2018
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With Growth Comes the Need for Balance

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Last year, I completed the NBR certification training which led to many wonderful growing opportunities for my business. In the process I learned that with growth comes the need for balance.

To me, balance is happiness. Yet, I often see, with me personally and my clients, that as women we fail to prioritize our own need for balance. We get distracted by the busyness of work, home and meeting the needs of those around us. We forget to take time to build balance into the structure of our lives.

As we get into 2018, I will continue to share about the more personal elements of my life that tie in to who I am as a professional.

In December, I attended the first BMS Conference in Laguna Beach, California. The three-day event provided continued NBR training. Along with the technical training, we received business advice and the encouragement to find a work/life balance.

Four elements emerged as areas to focus our energy to be productive both personally and professionally.


For me, physical health is key to my overall well being. Exercise and good nutrition are important to my health. Two years ago, I traded in running and focused my energy on learning about yoga.

I am prone to anxiety and was looking for something to help calm my nerves. My thought at the time was I will probably gain some weight but hopefully be more centered. I quickly learned what a wonderful full-body workout yoga is and found myself happiest with my body when I was practicing regularly. Who knew?

Yoga was one of the first things to go as I became busier with my business. I have missed the calmness yoga provided and know I need to practice. This year, I am committed to practicing regularly (for me this is at least 3 times per week, 4 would be GREAT)! I know if I financially commit then I will be more likely to attend class, so over the weekend I handed over my credit card and committed for 2018. Next month, I will be blogging more about my yoga practice.


My being is my spiritual awareness with the world. Mediation is something new for me. My intention is to meditate at least 10 minutes every morning and 10 minutes at the end of my work day.

I am a better mother and wife when I take a few minutes for myself. I am not perfect with that yet, but am working on it. I purchased the app, Calm, to guide me with my daily meditations. I am currently working through the Gratitude series, and have nothing but wonderful things to say about it.

Another thing I am working on is listening to my body and checking in with my energy level. I watch for what increases my energy and what drains me of energy. The book The Power of Intentions has inspired me to be the energy I want to attract. I am also currently listening to Untethered Soul. I find this book fascinating and one that I will need to review many times before I fully absorb it.

I am learning I have much more control over my feelings than I ever thought. As a very emotional and sensitive woman, I am excited to learn and exercise new techniques. Yoga is also one way I tie into my spiritual well being. Taking time to quiet my mind and turn inward has helped me to connect to my true self. Also, I find spending time behind the chair helping women feel beautiful and listened to deepens my spiritual path.


For me the ultimate balance comes from the health of my relationships. This includes having time with my children, husband and friends. I also want to be able to work a true part-time schedule.

Specializing in NBR hair extensions allows me to exercise my creativity and use my time behind the chair wisely. Weekly date nights with my husband is an area I need to focus on more this year. Regular date nights like yoga were put on hold last year and need to be reintroduced. Why is it I focus the least on someone who is so important to me? Change is needed in 2018!


Part of running a successful boutique salon is knowing that I cannot do it all by myself. I find that outsourcing to specialists, from bookkeeping to marketing, helps me stay organized and allows me time to focus on what I love.

As a mother, I have also reached out to a close friend for help organizing my business and keeping my three children in their routines in order to maintain a somewhat organized home. It truly takes a village.

I am thankful for my decision to open Moore Colour. I have LOVED being back behind the chair. This season of returning to work has brought many benefits including:

- a larger appreciation for the time with my children

- a way to practice my art

- being a role model for my children

- feeling like I have something that is mine

- having one-on-one social connection with other women

- connecting with stylists all over the country to support and inspire each other to grow through BMS weekly training

-learning the importance of marketing and enjoying using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to share my art with the world

Growth with balance is important for a happy and healthy life. My journey with NBR hair extensions has been SO valuable in helping me with this process. I am grateful for the professional growth, friendships created and personal balance I have discovered; however, it is still a work in progress.

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If you are interested in learning more about NBRs, extensions that look and feel natural, fill out this form to book a consultation or appointment!

With Growth Comes the Need for Balance
January 12, 2018
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist