Saturday, June 3, 2017

The NBR Difference. Why I Choose NBR Hair Extensions For My Clients

Over the years, I have worked with many different hair extension products and methods. My research and desire to offer only the best hair extension options available led me to Danielle White's Natural Beaded Row hair extension method.

When I first started offering hair extensions, I used fusion installation extensions. This method bonds individual extension hair to the natural hair using Keratin tipped strands. If you think those sentences were complicated, try sitting in the chair for up to eight hours while these extensions are applied. This extension method did not work for me and my clients because it is the most time consuming, therefore, expensive method.

I then tried out tape adhesive extensions. These work by sandwiching wefts of double-sided adhesive tabs between your natural hair at your scalp. This is a quicker and less costly method; however, it is very challenging to hide them in your hair. It can be difficult to pull your hair up with tape adhesive extensions without risk of your extensions showing. Because these extensions must be taped in, the client and stylist are limited with the amount of hair that can be used, limiting the final result.

Finally, as I searched for better hair extension solutions, I found Danielle White's NBR hair extension method. Of all the extension methods I have researched or tried, NBR is the BEST out there.

Unlike other hair extension methods, NBR uses beads and string to attach wefts of high quality, hand-tied human hair to your head. Because of the quality of the hair used, I can sew multiple wefts of hair to the tracks placed on each row. This allows for more volume without bulk, and also provides much more hair for those who desire a longer length. NBR is the least damaging, best quality method available today.

Your hair stays healthier with NBR because there are less points of contact with your natural hair. Not only does this maintain the health of your hair, but placing multiple wefts on each row gives more volume. This is the biggest difference in NBR and other hair extension methods.

Why NBR is Better:

- NBR extensions are comfortable. They do not make your head sore.They are so comfortable you will forget you are wearing extensions.

- You can wear your hair up without risk of your extensions showing. NBRs allow you to wear a ponytail, braids, and topknot.

- NBRs come in a variety of shades and are custom colored to create a seamless look.

- You can work out, swim, curl your hair, and go about your normal life without stressing about your hair extensions.

- But most of all, they are FUN!

The NBR Method:

1. Free NBR Consultation - I offer each new client a free NBR consultation. During this time we will discuss your goals for your hair, and I will explain the NBR method. I will also answer any of your questions. At the end of this meeting you will pay your non-refundable deposit, schedule your application appointment, and I will order the extension hair.

2. Custom Extension Color - Before your application appointment I will custom color the extension hair based on the color plan we discussed at your NBR consultation.

3. Application Appointment - At the application appointment I will custom color your natural hair. I will then apply the extension hair. Finally, I will cut and shape your hair to blend together seamlessly.

4. Tightening Appointment - Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you will have tightening appointments every 6 to 8 weeks. At these appointments I will remove the extension hair. It only takes 5 minutes to remove. I will touch up the color on the extension hair. I will also color your natural hair. Then I will reapply the same extension hair and touch up your cut for blending.

NBR's really are the best hair extension method available. I love offering my clients high-quality hair extensions that give the luxurious volume you desire.

Contact me today to schedule your free NBR hair extension consultation.

*First two images via DKW Styling

The NBR Difference. Why I Choose NBR Hair Extensions For My Clients
June 3, 2017
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist