Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Long Hair Girl Problems: Tips for Managing NBR Hair Extensions

Natural Beaded Rows are the best hair extension method I have worked with. I love the length and fullness this top quality method provides. When I apply NBR to a client of the first time, I love the transition I see, especially the way their face lights up and confidence boosts.

For many women this is the first time they have experienced long hair. Unlike when you grow your hair out slowly, with hair extensions, the length is added all at once. While this is a great experience, there are a few things to be aware of with your new longer hair. I call these "long hair girl problems".

Fall is in the air and now that your hair is longer you must think about how wearing scarfs and turtle necks may impact your hair. Rough materials around the nape of your neck may cause breakage to the hair. When choosing a scarf material opt for a softer, less harsh fabric. You may also want to consider not wearing your scarf all day and instead stick with wearing it only for warmth while outside.

Another thing to consider is when you put your shirt on and your hair must be pulled out through the neck of the shirt. Instead of sweeping your hair out haphazardly, gather your hair together and gently pull your hair up and out of the shirt collar.

When you put your heavy handbag on your shoulder sweep your hair to the other side first. Do not let your handbag sit on your hair. If your hair does get caught under your handbag's strap, do not tug on your hair to pull it loose. Remove your handbag first, then sweep your hair off your shoulder and out of the way before placing your bag back on your shoulder.

If you are a mom, consider whether you can maintain your hair extensions while still actively parenting. This morning I woke up with my young daughter sleeping on my hair. I had to gentle move her off my hair so that it would not be pulled as I got up. You do not want the damage from hair extensions being pulled out of your head.

Now that your hair is suddenly longer, you must be careful to avoid catching your hair in dangerous situations. Two big concerns are machinery and candles. When you sit down next to a candle or are bending over near a flame, take caution to make sure you hair does not catch on fire. The same is true with machinery. When turning on a fan, bending over the oven in the kitchen, or working in the yard, make sure your hair is secured out of the way and does not get entangled.

A far less dangerous consideration, but one that could potentially damage your hair extensions are various types of head gear. From goggles to bike helmets to hats, do not put pressure on your rows when putting on or taking off these items. Also make sure that while you are wearing them, that they fit properly and are not pulling on your extension rows.

Pay attention to whether your head gear creates friction while on your head. For example, if you wear a microphone while you teach an exercise class, is your microphone moving up and down or is it secure on your head? You do not want to loosen or pull out your rows.

NBR hair extensions are an investment. I want to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge you need to care for your extensions. Enjoy your long, beautiful hair and keep my "long hair girl problems" tips in mind to protect your investment.

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Long Hair Girl Problems: Tips for Managing NBR Hair Extensions
September 20, 2017
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist