Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jen Morgan - NBR Client and Fashion Blogger

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Meet Jen Morgan, my friend and Natural Beaded Rows hair extension client. Jen is an attorney and creator of the fashion blog, Very Truly Yours. Jen started her blog in 2015 because of her love of fashion. She has an eye for beautiful clothes and accessories that appeal to all women, but her primary focus is fashion for women over six feet tall.

Earlier this year when I became Colorado’s only certified NBR stylist, Jen was one of my first NBR clients. She had worn hair extensions previously, but never found the perfect fit to add seamless volume and length to her very fine hair. When I shared my excitement about NBR and the unique benefits, she signed up.

At 6’2”, Jen’s extensions offer her the longer hair she desires and feels balances out her tall frame. Her natural hair is very fine and difficult to grow longer. Natural Beaded Rows add the length she wants without the damage of traditional hair extensions.

When a client already has fragile hair, it is a great option to be able to have hair extensions that do not destroy the natural hair they have worked so hard to grow.

After her first NBR application Jen felt excellent. Right from the start she LOVED NBR. The NBR hair extensions are like a big hug that make her feel amazing. Her hair is now truly her best accessory!

When Jen comes to the salon for her tightening service, and I remove the extension hair, she feels naked. We custom cut and color her hair and reapply the freshened extension hair. Jen walks away each time feeling beautiful and excited about her amazing hair.

When I asked Jen what surprised her most about NBR, she said, “the amount of hair that can be put in my own hair which is much more than other extension brands.”

I am delighted that Jen loves NBR as much as I do. This is the #1 hair extension secret out there today. Natural Beaded Rows allow for more volume and length with fewer contacts with your natural hair. This means NBR does less damage, hides well in your hair, and can be removed in only five minutes.

Thank you, Jen, for wearing Natural Beaded Rows. Check out Jen’s blog Very Truly Yours for fashion, lifestyle and travel ideas. She also wrote about her experience with Natural Beaded Rows.

If you are considering NBR hair extensions, follow Jen’s lead and apply today. I would love to discuss this wonderful hair extension method with you! Head to fill out this form to book a consultation or appointment!

Jen Morgan - NBR Client and Fashion Blogger
February 6, 2018
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist