How Much Do NBR's Cost?

Pricing for hair extension services is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, unlike the industry norm one-size-fits-all package pricing. This is because every client's requirements vary. Some clients need their natural hair colored, while others do not. The number of wefts and length of wefts needed can vary greatly from one client to another.

Light Styling charges clients based on the specific services and materials required during their appointment. This transparent pricing method ensures that clients only pay for what they need, eliminating any hidden costs or unnecessary expenses.

In essence, at Light Styling, the pricing for hair extension services is transparent, flexible, and designed to accommodate the specific needs of each individual client.

How Price is calculated for NBR Initial Installs

  1. Will your natural hair be colored? Yes, then add the current color rate.  No, then zero money for this.
  2. Add Initial Install Fee. Light Styling has a fixed rate whether  1,2, or 3 Rows are install.  
  3. How many wefts are used during your installation and what length of wefts are you using 18”, 22”, or 24”.  There is a set price for each length multiply the price with the number used?

That will bring you to your service cost.

Maintenance Appointments

Light Styling charges per Row needing to be tightened. All Rows are removed, shampoo’d and examined at each tightening appointment.

1 Row Tightening

2 Row Tightening

3 Row Tightening

*If additional wefts need to be added to a row there is a set fee for wefts depending on their length, and a fee for rearranging a row if needed.

*If additional services such as hair color to your natural hair or a Brazilian Smoothing treatment are needed additional fees apply for those services.

For more on pricing fill out our application and we will be in touch.

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How Much Do NBR's Cost?
Shannon Reiley
Founder & NBR Certified Stylist