I have exciting news about my salon, and it’s time to share.

May 25, 2020

When I first opened my salon I was a stay at home mom, and was doing hair out of my house as a hobby.  My job then was to care for my children, but because hair is something I am passionate about I opened a tiny salon in the basement of my house.  I learned women enjoyed my work, and my hobby quickly spread throughout the community.  I was in a position to work as much or as little as I wanted to.  The reason for registering my home business with the state as a salon was to acquire insurance as I quickly began doing the hair of women I did not know.


Fast forward a few years... I had another child, and shortly after life threw me a curve ball.  The experience I went through was so surprising, and shook me to my core. I experienced feelings so dark there were many days I struggled with knowing if this life was too much for me. Thank God for kids! They are the reason I survived through that time.  


As hard as that experience and time was, I got through it. Not only that, but now I can see the light in it. I never thought I would reflect on that experience and actually say I am grateful to have gone through it, but I am.  Do I wish it would have happened differently....YES.  Do I think it needed to play out the way it did... no, but it was what it was, and today I can say as a woman I grew and have become a better person because of it.


During that time I wanted to change the name of Moore Colour, but life was way too hectic, and so I put rebranding on the back burner.


Well... guess what!? The time has come and I am thrilled to share the NEW name of my business. Welcome to "Light Styling."  Why Light Styling?  Well one day I woke up, the name came to me, I wrote it down, and I just knew it was going to be the name😂. I wish I had an exciting story to share about how I decided on the name. But what I do want to share these things: 



As you have read in other posts of mine I LOVE doing hair.  My favorite service and currently the only service I provide are hair extensions (color included with that service). To be able to transform a woman’s hair, and be able to experience watching another woman see herself in a different light is so rewarding and so fun.  Some people look at my work as a service, but those who experience my service know it is receiving an experience that empowers them. I like to think of it as tapping into their inner goddess and providing a new found confidence. This feeling lifts their energy, vibration and as I know our energy ripples out to those around us.  


Doing hair is something that lights me up inside, and I feel honored every time a woman approaches me in regards to working with her on her hair.  


Beginning today my business is called Light Styling.  I am grateful for the woman and men supporting me through my journey on this planet, and I look forward to meeting new women who come through Light Styling.


May we all do what lights us up inside during our time here🍾🥂

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