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Getting Your NBR’s Through The Quarantine

Many client’s have reached out asking if Moore Colour is seeing client’s, and what to do with their NBR’s if they are scheduled to be tightened soon.

The good thing is Moore Colour was scheduled to be close this week as I was planning to shadow Candice Motely at Garnish Studio in Raleigh North Carolina. Candice and I have been playing phone tag during this busy time as we decided it would be best to stay away from any traveling, and our salons are currently closed due to the Coronavirus.

Myself or Monica are reaching out to all the client’s scheduled for NBR services the beginning of April to get everyone rescheduled, and as soon as salons get permission to reopen I will be working extended hours to ensure all my client’s get their tightening services in a timely manner.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions as we approach your scheduled tightening services.

Your NBR’s are attached to your natural hair, and overtime your natural hair sheds. The average person sheds about 100 hairs a day. This means the points of contact may have some of your hair in them that has naturally shed from the scalp. This is totally fine, but over time your points of contact may become weaker as you shed hair. DO NOT WORRY, YOUR NBR’S WILL NOT FALL OUT, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT to step up your at-home hair care. The picture below to the left is an example of bead work showing the points of contact your NBR’s make with your natural hair. Below, the picture on the right is an example of NBR’s due to be tightened. As you can see the point of contacts are strong, but may be weaker than when they were originally installed, and there is more movement as the NBR’s have grown out over time.


Brush your hair daily.

Begin at the bottom of your hair, and make sure to hold your NBR’s in a low ponytail to ensure you are not putting pressure on your contact points while keeping your NBR’s knot free. As you brush closer to your scalp remember your NBR’s have grown out and be careful as to not rake your Wet Brush or Framar brush through the top of your NBR’s.

Pin your hair up when you shower.

I also recommend taking your alligator clip you received in your NBR take home hair kit into the shower on the days you are shampooing your NBR’s. Why? When you are in the shower the points of contact to your natural hair may be weakening due to natural shedding, and water adds weight to your hair. To be on the safe side I recommend using your alligator clip to pin up your hair in a loose top knot after you shampoo your hair to support the weight of your NBR’s and the additional water weight. When getting out of the shower are sure to ring out your hair to remove excess water weight and rough dry your NBR’s to remove additional water weight. Using an alligator clip at this time also reduces the amount of weight on your points of contact.

Choose styling wisely.

When styling your NBR’s be mindful if you are past due for a tightening service. Be gentle when maneuvering your NBR’s and avoid any styles that tug on the points of contact with your natural hair. I do not recommend tight ponytails or top knots of you are past your tightening appointment.

Deep Condition you hair!

Because we have been forced to slow down, now is a wonderful time to deep condition your NBR’s and natural hair. If you have not been using Olaplex number 3, slather it all over towel dried hair and your NBR’s . Let it sit for 10 minutes. After rinsing apply your Shampoo and Conditioner. My favorite Conditioner for NBR’s is still Wella’s Oil Reflections Luminous Reboot Mask. All these products and more will soon be available on our salon webpage. We will be sharing more about this soon. If you would like to try any of these products at home I can ship any and all of them to you. For now please call the salon to place your order.

Reach out to me

Please message me if you have any questions as I am here to support your NBR experience through the Coronavirus. I have mentioned to many clients that I am more than willing to jump on a phone call or FaceTime if needed. No matter how long the quarantine lasts I will be here answering questions and supporting those wearing NBR’s, so reach out if you need me. I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying time with family.


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