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Hot Hair Color Trends for Fall 2017

The weather is starting to cool down, Labor Day has passed, and pumpkin spice appeared on menus everywhere. Fall is almost here. Let's talk Fall hair color trends.

Many times over the summer months, hair care is compromised. Color fades from extended sun exposure and chemicals in pool water. Now that the kids are back in school and the pool days are finished for the season, schedule your appointment to revitalize your hair color.

At the end of summer, I notice my clients' hair shows more red, orange, and yellow tones that are faded and need to be corrected. My goal is to create beige browns and cool blondes to soften the hair color for fall.

Chunky highlights are no longer popular. Instead the trend is a much softer, sparkly look. This is achieved by using babylights and smudging. One hot trend for fall is to create a look where the hair gradually gets lighter from top to bottom. This gives a more transitional look versus dumping one dark color on the hair.

Another fun trend is to keep pops of lightness around the face with more darkness toward the back of the head.

Here we see a before and after where I added a bit of softening from the bright summer highlights. This is not a drastic change, but the results are an updated and healthy look for fall.

For my NBR clients, I color both the client's natural hair and extension hair at each tightening service. Because the Natural Beaded Row hair extension method allows for color changes, NBR clients can transition to darker fall colors without having to replace their extension hair.

The key to be on point for this fall's color trends is to keep it soft and your transition looking natural. Enjoy the cooler weather and schedule your color appointment or free NBR consultation today.


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