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3 Reasons NBR Hair Extensions are the #1 Hair Extension Method Available Today

I fell in love with Natural Beaded Row (NBR) hair extensions from the moment I saw Danielle White's first video. After weeks of reading and watching everything I could find on NBR hair extensions and Danielle, I decided to fly to Laguna Beach, California and attend her certification training program.

I left training not only certified in NBR extensions, but as an evangelist for this hair extension method. Having been trained in three other types of hair extension methods and working as a stylist for over a decade, I know hair. And, this is the #1 hair extension method available today.

After applying NBR extensions to my clients and hearing their delighted reviews, I am more certain than ever that there are many reasons to love NBR extensions. Today I will share my top 3 reasons NBR hair extensions are the #1 hair extension method available today.

1. NBR Extensions Maintain the Health of Your Natural Hair

Every other hair extension method I have tried causes more damage to the natural hair than NBR extensions. This damage is unwanted and unnecessary for women who are already struggling to minimize hair damage and grow stronger, healthier hair. NBR hair extensions are a great alternative because they reduce the amount of damage to your natural hair.

The risk of damage is reduced because this method has fewer contact points with your natural hair. Multiple rows of high-quality, hand-tied extension hair are sewn together to give more volume without requiring more attachment points.

Less contact with your natural hair means less damage, while the quality of the hair means the color can be blended easier and you will not have a bump of hair where the extension is attached. NBR hair extensions allow you to have more volume without the damage of traditional hair extensions. This is a win for the health and the beauty of your hair.

2. NBR Extensions Are Quick and Easy to Remove

One of my favorite things about the NBR hair extension method is how quick and easy they are to remove. You no longer need to waste time in the chair while your stylists pulls at sticky glue and tape. Most of the time NBR extensions can be removed in around five minutes. That is a huge difference from traditional hair extensions.

NBR extensions are placed in the hair using beads and string. This method allows for fewer contacts with your natural hair and since no tape or glue are used, I simply have to clip the strings tying the extension row to the bead and I am done. It is quick and easy.

This makes tightening sessions for your NBR extensions go quicker. Plus the quality of the extension hair is maintained during the process. I've found that clients are much happier with not only the look and feel of their NBR extensions, but also the application process, tightening services, and the ease of the hair extension removal.

3. NBR Extension Allow You to Wear Your Hair Up

This is probably my favorite thing about the NBR Hair Extension method. NBR clients can wear your hair up without your extensions showing. Because of the high quality, hand-tied extension hair used and the fewer contact points, you can pull your hair up without fear of exposure.

You can wear a top knot, ponytail, or braids with NBR extensions. Also, if the wind blows or you bend down to kiss the top of your child's head, you do not need to worry about your extensions being viewed. The best thing about NBR extensions is you do not need to think about them all the time. They are perfect for a busy and active lifestyle.

NBR hair extensions help to capture your natural beauty without the fuss and stress of traditional hair extensions. They are lightweight and hide well in your hair. You can have the luxurious hair you desire and still have easy ponytail days.

Contact me today to learn more about NBR hair extensions. I truly believe this is the #1 hair extension method available today. You will love the the minimal damage, easy removal, and great style options of your NBR extensions.


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