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Light Styling Offers NBR Hair Extensions to Colorado's Front Range

If you are interested in learning more about NBRs, extensions that look and feel natural, fill out this form to book a consultation or appointment!

Danielle White created Natural Beaded Rows (NBR's) hair extensions out of her frustration with every other extension method on the market. Recently, I completed my certification at DKW Styling in Laguna Beach, California with Danielle. She has a contagious passion for NBR that grew into a movement. Women all over the world now desire to have fuller, more luxurious hair without the damage of traditional hair extensions.

I can honestly say that I am bringing a top of the line extension technique back to Colorado. I am now trained in four types of hair extension methods and absolutely love how hair extensions affect people. Their confidence grows as we place the extensions. People often ask if extensions damage your hair. The truth is anything can hurt your hair if not used properly, including hair color, heating tools, and hair accessories. If the hair extensions are applied properly and taken care of at home, they can actually help improve the condition of your natural hair. But it takes a trained professional and your daily commitment at home to achieve success.

After researching Danielle and NBR, I knew I had to fly to California to participate in her certification and training course called BMS. My time with Danielle in Laguna Beach made NBR my extension method of choice. It is the best hair extension method available today. And now, I offer NBR extensions right here in Colorado's Front Range.

What makes NBR the best? Unlike traditional hair extension methods, NBR has fewer points of contact with your natural hair. There is no glue, tape, or form of keratin used to bond the extensions to your hair. Therefore, no sticky residue is left on your hair when the extensions are removed. Plus, it only takes about 5 minutes to remove the extensions. YES, 5 MINUTES! No residue and no more sitting in the chair for hours having a stylist pick through your hair to remove the extensions.

With traditional extensions the stylist is limited to the amount of extension hair that can be placed. This is determined by the size of the client's head and the density of their hair. Once you run out of space on the client's head, hair extensions can no longer be applied and kept camouflaged or hidden.

NBR's allow much more extension hair to be added than other methods. I can now make my clients have longer and fuller hair than before. Not only that, with NBR's you can wear your hair in a high ponytail and sport a top knot! It is extremely difficult to do this with other extensions especially if your hair is super fine.

With the way NBR's are placed in your hair, you no longer need to worry about your extensions being exposed when the wind blows. The placement is done in a way to conceal all evidence of having extensions. No one will know you have extensions unless you tell them. Thank you Danielle White for creating NBR's and allowing all women to have long hair, wear it in a top knot, and keep it a secret!

The NBR method uses high quality hand tied hair extensions. Multiple pieces of hair (usually 6 to 7) are sewn onto one tract. This thicker tract is then placed in the hair using beads and string. The average points of contact for each tract is around 15. Because fewer points of contact are placed in the hair, you experience less damage.

Another key to beautiful NBR extensions are the seamless cut and color. With NBR, I look at your natural hair and the extension hair as one in order to naturally blend the two. I custom cut and color your hair to provide the best possible integration between the two.

I love NBR extensions so much that I have them in my hair. As a wife and mother, I am able to maintain my busy lifestyle while also sporting great hair. I can pull it up for a visit to the gym or to run to school drop-off without thinking about my extensions. Since wearing NBR's I have had much better hair days, and believe me I feel like I can conquer ANYTHING when I am having a good hair day!

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If you are curious about NBR, I would love to discuss this #1 hair extension method with you. You too can have beautiful, natural-looking, luxurious hair.

If you are interested in learning more about NBRs, extensions that look and feel natural, fill out this form to book a consultation or appointment!


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