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With Growth Comes the Need for Balance

If you are interested in learning more about NBRs, extensions that look and feel natural, fill out this form to book a consultation or appointment! Last year, I completed the NBR certification training which led to many wonderful growing opportunities for my business. In the process I learned that with growth comes the need for balance. To me, balance is happiness. Yet, I often see, with me personally and my clients, that as women we fail to prioritize our own need for balance. We get distracted by the busyness of work, home and meeting the needs of those around us. We forget to take time to build balance into the structure of our lives. As we get into 2018, I will continue to share about th

2018 Hair Goals!

The start of a new year is the perfect time to set goals and make changes. Make 2018 a year where you take the time for self-care. Treat you


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